Lunar Maps
LUNAR MAPS (MOON MAPS) is a cartography that travels human emotions. The symbolism of the moon and the cosmos is transferred to the human skin using topographic lunar maps and moles as stops, recreating images and texts as the basis for this visual representation. Each person has their own emotional map - insecurities, desires, fears -. Layers of experience are formed over time, one above another, complexing our emotional maps. The cosmos-psyche, skin-mirror, parallel reflections-perspective-ends, what you see- what you feel, what we see-we show how it feels-hide.

The human being has a predilection for mirroring with the moon, perhaps in the eager search to find an answer to what we do not understand from ourselves, to finally finding an enigmatic beauty that soothes your spirit for a night. In the silence of the skin, the largest organ we have, our emotions are expressed giving ourselves life. It is the canvas of our body, that supplemented by the word, shapes our expressions, creating this way, our full self communication.

An introspection of "The Invisible Wall".

Ana De Orbegoso
The Photos of The Exhibition
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