The Invisible Wall I The First Part : The Wall
Throughout history, people have erected walls for a variety of reasons: protection from the elements, privacy from each other, security from predators, human and otherwise, and as a means of keeping out the less desirable elements of society. The walls created for these purposes are sometimes made of bricks and cement. Sometimes these walls are made of attitudes and disguises and are invisible to the naked eye.

This project is about those invisible walls that separate us both from each other and from different aspects within ourselves. Walls of our own making that are so personal, so essential, that they become integral and inseparable parts of us. Behind our individual walls we each keep hidden our prejudices, our preconceptions, our highest aspirations. Our individual walls serve to protect us by enabling us to always hold something back, an edge between what is hidden and what is revealed. In this project, I use each person's own translucent hands to represent their individual barely perceptible barrier. My subjects are people who populate my world, and are all residents of my hometown of Lima, Peru. In addition to their unique personalities, they represent the diversity in ethnicity that is so central to my city.

"The Invisible Wall" is a visual confrontation with the barriers which have become inseparable from the essence of human beings.

Ana De Orbegoso

Lunar Maps : The Other Side of The Invisible Wall
The Invisible Wall I The Second Part : The Light
The Photos of The Exhibition
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