Música Criolla is a form of cultural experience for many Peruvians. This music genre integrates our country's various musical traditions and embodies a lifestyle with its characteristic ambiance, food, poetry, and lyrics. It is a performative way of being in the world that carries on a distinctive tradition, which in my view stands as an HIMNO.
My sensorial landscape for the last decade, has been informed, in great part, by Peruvian traditional cultural values and aesthetics. The power, elegance, and sparkle of one of its genres, known as  Música Criolla, has motivated me to create HIMNOS/ANTHEMS --a multi-media exhibition which encompasses mixed-media photographs, documentary films, and testimonies from composers and musicians that create and perform Música Criolla.
My intention as a transnational artist is to create an archive which preserves a tradition by re-creating it in the contemporary multi-media space. It brings a precious legacy into the 21st Century.