Dis U topia
"There are other worlds, but they are all in this one"

In her first solo exhibition in New York City, De Orbegoso is presenting a series of composite photographs that were taken in Disneyland through the prism of a drinking glass. 

"I chose Disneyland", says De Orbegoso, "because it's a perfect symbol of a micro-universe."
It is an entirely fabricated world as artificial as it is familiar, an environment built on a hierarchy
of illusions and thus an ideal backdrop for a body of work that engages the viewer in a discourse about perceived reality and consciousness. De Orbegoso set out to explore how our sense of what we acknowledge to be artificial is altered by a distorted viewpoint. If we imbue a paradigm of illusions with a certain significance how does that change, she asks, as a function of the perspective from which it is viewed? 
The same way as a prefabricated Disney, our perspective gives us the power to create whatever reality we want, even the most "unreal" , creating the possibility for all our worlds to interact harmoniously.

De Orbegoso's composites challenge the viewer to experience the "magic" of Disneyland, an archetypal American microcosm through someone else's eyes. Their perspective and unsettling distortions engender a dreamy ambience that is simultaneously playful and threatening, surreal and mundane.

Rhiannon Kubica
Bespoke Gallery NY